LaLa Art features original paintings by talented north-eastern painter Laural Lawless.

Laural took up painting five years ago, and studied under Kate Gorman, a local accomplished artist for over three years. Laural's technique was developed by studying other artists that she admired then adapting it to her own unique style.

Her style is contemporary and she particularly loves painting outback landscapes and flowers. She always paints in acrylic paint, experimenting every now and then with ink and impasto.

Laural's love for colour is seen throughout LaLa Art as you see her experimenting with colour and texture constantly. Art pieces influenced by Fred Williams, one of the most famous Australian painters, can be seen at LaLa Art.

Art Judge Bernard Snoodyk reviewed Laural's painting at the Milawa Feast of Art Exhibition in 2012. He said her art was a refreshing, honest interpretation of an Australian landscape, showing exceptional control without losing the spontaneity that makes it an outstanding painting. He also thought she showed excellent control of the palate maintaining colour brilliance throughout the work. According to Bernard Snoodyk Laural's painting has captured movement in the dynamic landscape environment rarely seen in current works.