Nathalia Barmah


Founded in 1875 and located on the beautiful Broken Creek, Nathalia is ‘the gem of the Northern Country’.

A welcoming place with a country lifestyle, the largest number of historic buildings in the Shire and a thriving arts community, it is the perfect destination for the tourist or traveller exploring the Murray Valley.

Country lifestyle and hospitality is wonderfully apparent here and the visitor is always welcomed with warmth and a friendly smile. There is much to do in and around this charming small town and many annual events bring visitors back year after year. Nathalia provides all the essential services in peaceful surroundings, and is becoming a popular haven for tourists seeking that ‘get away from it all’ location.

The Broken Creek in the centre of town provides a wonderful resting spot to relax and rejuvenate under the shady trees. The town still boasts some wonderful historic buildings from the turn of the nineteenth century, and a leisurely stroll along the main street provides the best vantage point.

A visit to Nathalia would not be complete without having a hit of golf at the challenging yet rewarding Nathalia Golf Club. If golf isn’t your thing, Nathalia has a fantastic art culture and gallery housing artworks and exhibitions from a number of local artists.

Visit the Barmah Forest Heritage & Education Centre in Nathalia and learn about the fascinating and diverse history of this iconic region. From pre-history to the present day, learn of the struggles and be amazed at the achievements of our forefathers.


The township of Barmah is the gateway to the Barmah National Park, and sits on the banks of the Murray River, on a very picturesque river bend. This is a wonderful area for camping, canoeing, bushwalking, fishing or enjoying a river cruise.

The Barmah National Park is heritage listed and home to the largest stand of River Red Gums in the world. The oldest River Red Gums are over 500 years old and often grow to thirty metres in height.

The narrowest section or “choke” of the Murray River is upstream of Barmah, bounded on either side by the Moira and Barmah lakes.

Take the self-drive tour to sites of historical interest in the Barmah Forest, including the Muster Yards, Punt Paddock Lagoon, Cornalla Landing, Green Enging, the Gulf and Tongalong.

The Barmah National Park has a fascinating history that can be explored at the Barmah Forest Heritage & Education Centre in Nathalia.

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