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The Urban List visited our Sun Country on the Murray region and got to meet a few of the makers on our Farm Gate Trail.

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This Mind-Blowing Cactus Farm Is Your Next Road-Trip Destination

Lately, we’ve been spending our weekends exploring some of Victoria’s lesser-known regions that are packed full of incredible locations we never knew existed. Out of all of our road-trip travels, the one spot that’s totally flipped our proverbial pancake when it comes to jaw-dropping visuals, amazing feats of nature and, um….cake, *has* to be Cactus Country in Strathmerton—part of Sun Country on the Murray.

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This Incredible Riverside Location Is Our Top Foodie Pick For Summer

Guinea pigs, actual pigs (on the run!), beers named after farm dogs, olive oil jelly… There’s a hell of a lot of surprising stuff going on once you get beyond the city’s limits, and if there’s one regional destination that absolutely needs to be ticked off your list this summer, it’s Sun Country on the Murray.

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