Kinnairds Wetlands

Kinnairds Wetland is located north of the Broken Creek, near Numurkah, about 20 minutes north of Shepparton and 2.5 hours north of Melbourne.

 A range of constructed trails suitable for walking and cycling (see map inside brochure), boardwalks, bird hides and picnic areas give you the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful diversity of wetlands, woodlands and wildlife.

Kinnairds Wetland is part of a larger natural wetland (a prior stream depression). Covering an area of nearly 100 hectares of natural and constructed wetlands, Kinnairds Wetland is part of a scheme designed to provide major regional drainage benefits for land in the Muckatah Catchment. The wetland is fed by flows from the Muckatah Surface Water Management Scheme, which has a 600 square kilometre catchment, beginning in Yarrawonga.The natural and constructed areas of the wetland act as a retarding basin. This aids in filtering sediments and nutrients, and minimises the rate of flows entering the Broken Creek to the south, which eventually flows into the Murray River in the Barmah Forest.

The wildlife experience at Kinnairds Wetlands will change with the seasons and other conditions such as flooding and drying. Go along quietly and you might see small birds, such as the beautiful Scarlet Robin and watch overhead for birds of prey, including Wedge-tailed Eagles, Whistling Kites and Peregine Falcons.

For more information about the Kinnairds Wetlands, you can download the brochure from the following links:

Kinnairds Wetlands (inside brochure)

Kinnairds Wetlands (outside brochure)