Fish Species & Fishing Rules

Fish By the Rules

It is important to be aware of the rules and regulations applying to recreational fishing. Rules and regulations include:

  • Size limits: The minimum or maximum size a fish must be in order for you to be allowed to keep it; 
  • Bag limits: The number of fish you are permitted to take in one day;
  • Closed seasons: The period in which certain fish species cannot be taken in the identified waters; and 
  • Possession limits: The maximum number of a particular type of fish that a person is allowed to have in their possession at any time.

Inland Angling Guide & Victorian Recreational Fishing Guide

Obtain a free copy of the Inland Angling Guide and the Victorian Recreational Fishing Guide for further information on fishing rules and practices in Victoria.

Call their Customer Service Centre on 136 186

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Download the Victorian Recreational Fishing Guide app for smart phones


Fishing rules for NSW waters

The NSW Department of Primary Industies have a good source of information about fishing rules online.

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Fish Species

Native Species

Murray Cod

Closed season, size and bag limits apply.

Trout Cod

Protected species in both NSW and Victoria possession is prohibited – any Trout Cod caught must be returned to the water alive.


Freshwater Catfish

Endangered species – Taking of Freshwater Catfish is prohibited in all Victorian waters, except within the Wimmera Basin.

Please release any catch back into the water alive.

Golden Perch (Yellowbelly)

Size and bag limits apply.




Silver Perch

Critically endangered species on a national level, threatened in Victoria. In Victoria, Silver Perch may only be taken from lakes and impoundments north of the Great Dividing Range (GDR) excluding Wimmera Basin and from all waters south of the GDR including Wimmera Basin.

 Introduced Species

European Carp

Declared a noxious species. Do not return live to the water. Dispose of dead Carp appropriately; Carp should not be left on river banks or near lakes. Carp can be fished and eaten. No limit.

English Perch (Redfin)

Redfin should not be returned to the water as it is a voracious predator that preys on native fish species and other aquatic organisms. No limit.

 Freshwater Crustaceans

Spiny Freshwater Crayfish

Closed season, size and bag limits apply. Limitations exist to the type of equipment used to catch Spiny Freshwater Crayfish.




Yabbies and Shrimps

Catch limits apply. Restrictions on collection methods exist.

Catch & Release Techniques

To maximise a fish’s survival when practicing catch and release, it is important to follow a few simple rules:

  • Use only tackle that is appropriate for the size and type of fish
  • Minimise deep hooking by using artificial lures, circle hooks and avoiding slack lines
  • Land catch quickly –unhook fish in the water where possible
  • Minimise air exposure
  • Avoid rough handling – use appropriate equipment
  • Remove mouth hooks or cut the line on deep hooks as close to the hook as possible
  • Carefully release catch – this does not apply to fish that has been declared noxious
  • Always support the fish if taking a photo and do not suspend itfrom the head using lip grips or similar.